Thermodynamic Steam Trap

Thermodynamic Steam Trap ( TD series )

Size range : DN15,DN20,DN25
Pressure : PN16-PN40
Temperature : ≤425℃
Materials: WCB
This trap is designed according to the principle of dynamics. When the condensed water flows into the area with low pressure, it will bere-vaporized. The difference between the water and stea on viscidity and density will drive the switching part. This kind of trap enjoys extensive application in main pipelines of steam, heat accompanying pipelines and steam equipments.

1. This trap is featured with solid structure, light weight, small volume and different pressure without any adjustment.
2. Having gas discharging equipment for rapidly discharging gas to ensure fast start.
3. Excellent abilities to endure steam and to resist frozen. It can be installed in free way.

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