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WHY? Why is seat seal testing important through delivery ,installing and start-up?
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A valve can take a beating between the time it leaves the manufacturing plant and when it's ready for operation.Even the vibration from being transported can cause the closure element to slowly creep from open to closed or vice versa.Anytime a valve gets partially cycle there's a huge potential for debris to enter the valve body and critical sealing areas.Once you sign off on the delivery it becomes your valve so it might be worth doing a low pressure,inside out air test before accepting full responsibility of it.

To perform this test,construct an assembly using a three or four-way coupling that can be threaded into a valve body port,has an air nipple,isolation valve and a low pressure gauge.Simply inject compressed air into the body cavity to approximately 120PSI,isolate the assembly and watch for any pressure drop.The seats will seal in the fully open or closed position with the exception of a few ball valve models that utilize an equalization port drilled through the closure element.Repeat this test through every stage that involves welding or cutting to ensure the seats haven't been damaged.Bleeding the air from the valve body will also help purge any remaining test fluid that way have collected inside.

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